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Originally Posted by fernando
This iconographic and enigmatic work has been subject, now during a century, to a number of different interpretations, some with rather opposite assumptions. In reality only one personality is unanimously identified in the panels, Henri the Navigator; and even that is not 100% granted for some. Without even trying to dissect the purpose and realism of all 58 figures depicted, we may view this work as a gathering of the Royal Portuguese court and representatives of the various social sectors of the XV century; in one perspective to evoke important triumphs in the expansion of North Africa by the dinasty of Aviz (1385-1580). I would take it as highly improbable that, portraying the presence of so many persons, is obviously only possible in the author's imagination; not to mention that some had already died by the date this work was done, another of the existing discussions.
This to say that i don't see the faintest possibility that the author had at his disposal real swords and lances to pose for his work; as well as the whole attire with which he portraied all those people, like dresses, metals, jewelery and all.
No Fernando! even Henry the navigator is subject to diferent interpretations! the figure we know as henry can be in fact is brother and not him! A figure of him that exists in Jeronimos Monastery, and it is very diferent, at least 3 investigators/writers have conclude the figure we know as him is not real! the last one writing about this is Manuel Gandra, i think he as a video with this issue in youtube.

These paitings are envolved in strange facts, have you seen any order of christ cross in the painting ? how can a meeting envolving navigators do not have any kind of item related to the most important order ? i have seen many flaws in ours history books! so many!

But the swords are very detailed, the only other portuguese painting ( that i know with similar details is the one that is suposed to be of the same painter.
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