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Default Two Older Gunongs

Hello All,

I just got these two in the mail today, and snapped a few pictures. I'm really happy with them, though I wish the one had a sheath. I'm hoping to give that one a bit of a cleaning in the next few days.

I find a couple of these odd with them though

1) the non-waved-bladed one without a sheath has a hilt made of horn, with an inlaid design in copper wire. I haven't seen anything like this on an older one before. Do we have any other examples like this?

2) the non-waved-bladed one has an interesting guard, which seemed to be made of 2 or 3 layers. I don't recall seeing one like this before. It also has a little bit of copper wire wrapped around the ferrule.The seller says the ferrule and guard are iron, I'm reserving my judgement until after a cleaning

3) both blades are really thick, especially the wavy-bladed one (which also has a diamond cross section.

4) they both seem a bit larger than my other old ones. I'm including a couple of mini-family photos for comparison. does the larger size say anything about the age of these two new ones? Are they perhaps younger? Any estimates on the age of these two?

Any opinions on the above, or anything else on these two is very welcome.

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