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Originally Posted by David
Maybe it is i who has failed to express myself Gustav.
Just about all figurative hilts are unique and one of a kind. I am aware that there was indeed a particular "experimental" period when these kinds of hilts were made. I would like to see others to compare the kinds of embellishments this period produced with this particular hilt form.
And yes, indeed beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I didn't notice I was speaking about all figurative hilts - that's a bit to much to handle, even for the little old me.
As I have no particular interest in this kind of esthetics from that period, maybe some other person more knowledgeable as myself could take up the job here from this point on.

Just one last remark, not related to the hilt issue - judging from pictures it seems there could be a whiff of a possibility the blade and sheath are a later marriage.

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