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Originally Posted by Jean
Well, the kris origin is most probably Terengganu as indicated by Gustav, as the style of the scabbard, hilt, and pendokok are not typically Indonesian indeed.
Regarding the ivory species, the open crack on the top seems to be part of the intersticial line found on hippo ivory. However I never noticed such parallel lines either on hippo ivory or spermwhale ivory.
I was specifically asking about the carved lines on the abdominal area. I guessed they were representative of a sarong (at first I thought wooden armor but I believe that it is usually orientated horizontally). Ruling out armor, my curiosity was aimed specifically at was there a cloth pattern these lines were designed to imitate?

Jean, now that you have mentioned the grain pattern of the material, on your second example, are the lines I see on the "face" of the demam figure the ones you are referring to? Is this an example that you referred to as hippo ivory in a hilt book? Or are you talking about the lines on the top of the head of the OP? Those are an end grain pattern, no?
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