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The general consensus is these are pike heads, and I'm not going to disagree, but I will explain why I thought there is a possibility they may be shoes.
1, They are square sided; not unknown, but unusual for a pike head.
2, The spike, or bodkin, is only 10cm long. This may be sufficient to penetrate a thick coat and armour, but only just. Bearing in mind pikes were a defence against cavalry, most horses could probably survive a jab of only 10cms, especially if protected.
3, Further, there is a possibility that if the ball is shoved through anything like mail or armour it would prove a hindrance in disengaging the weapon.
4, There seems to be a 'flow' in most pikes, even those with a ball or ring, from the tip through to the shaft which is missing here. The spike stops abruptly at the ball and there is a definite 'shoulder' where it meets the shaft.
5, If they are shoes they do not have to be from a pike. They could be the shoes of, say, a halberd or spontoon which was pre-eminently a parade weapon.
6, I cannot explain what seems to be unnecessarily long langets for a shoe.
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