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Default Info on recently purchased MKII Kukri 1917

Hi All,

I picked up a couple of Kukris at the Kempton fair yesterday and just wanted some reassurance on the MKII that it's an original - I've referred to an earlier very elaborate thread on kukris by Spiral which seems to imply that MKII usually had steel bolsters, and brass were sadly fakes - but with some exceptions. I also gather eBay sells a lot of fake kukris (as it does with pretty much everything else!)

So here're some snaps - the blade is about 34cm and total length 48cm (not accounting for the curve just to be clear, just straight line measurements). Must admit I'm a newbie to collecting swords and these are my first kukris, but this one seems particularly large and substantial in my hand! I've googled some other MKIIs and they seem to be slightly smaller in size. The condition overall I'd say is very good including the scabbard.

Would be very grateful if you Gurus are able to confirm the authenticity (or reject hope not!) The markings are self-explanatory - Cossipore India Store Department 1917 etc. 37 I believe is the serial number?

The other Jodhpur I purchased from a fine gentleman and not for the price on the label - a good bargain I reckon!

Many thanks.
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