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Originally Posted by David
There is a big difference between intentionally selling fakes and being terribly misinformed about what you are selling. The one thing i will say about the sellers is that they do not seem to specialize or even focus on Indo-persian edged weapons so their expertise in this genre of collecting has certainly not been established.
As has already been pointed out, this would be a very impractical weapon. If it looked like there was once a way to attach this to a shaft to be used as a spear that might make some sense, but as a hand weapon this would undoubtably be a failure in design.Though it appears to be well made i personally would lean towards late 20th century fantasy weapon. Sorry. It's not really a matter of the respectability of the sellers as much as simple observation and simple logic of how hand weapons work (or don't in this case) that lead me to this assessment.
Standing ovation, David.

Manishkukarni, imagine how helpful it would have been if you had allowed us to see the whole object instead of your hand and same.
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