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I did the same thing Jean, and I also cannot see any metal grain that continues into the figure;-

"--- I'm not at all certain that this particular singo was applied after the blade was completed, the stain is old, and it is not possible from the photo to see if the grain of the metal continues into the singo or not---"

in fact, I'll go a little bit further than that, in the photo of the sorsoran where the figure faces to the left of the screen, there appears to be a thin film of something that extends past the tail --- is this what you mean by "the tail especially"? This interference with what can be seen might be residue from the weld that could have put this figure in place.

However, I would not draw a solid conclusion on the basis of this photo, at best it is only a possibility that the metal from which the figure was carved is an addition, and whether at time of manufacture or later, it would be difficult to know with the keris in hand, and , at least for me, impossible to know from a photo.

Again, from the photo I would not even take a guess at why all those little holes are there. In hand I would begin with examination under strong magnification.
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