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Originally Posted by David R View Post
Well, I have put "the Bat signal" up on a couple of other forums, and they reckon in knife scabbards by the late 15thC and on swords by the early 16th. Early days though yet.
interesting, please do update any find your findings here. would be facinating to see a picture of an example..

im curious when people discouvered to scribe fibe cuttung edges on them like a file the nepali hones are just a flat hard steel with an edge.. the siberian ones are a small narriw rectangle with of hard steel attached to the knife sheath.. both rather differentfrom european ones, but also present in the tools sheaths

, i wounder whats the oldest depection of a sharpening steel being used... how far they date back.. and how far tgeir traditional, preindustrial distribution into the near east was
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