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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I have never come across the presence of a steel sharpening hone in association with a European medieval sword that I can recall. As David notes, however, very few scabbards have survived.
yes i agree and also.. many times the types of scabbards that survive are not apllways a good representation of all types that exsisted.
i have seen sharpeners in hackmessers and other heaving hunting hauers.. and haves seen it in the backs of some kindjals. but these were stones.

it is true the internet alas lacks more of the details of books..

im curious then when did the sharpening steel in europe appear? i wounder wuat and s the oldest example or depiction...

as to using it on a sword.. it does indeed work for tiny rolls in a fine edge.. if you had no other option.. ive used one on a machete as well and on a sword.. and it.. works although theres better things. but if you use a sword for test cutting and you feel its dulling in some spot it will work aslong as your edgeis fine and not to brittle . so it would be curious if somebody tried it
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