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Originally Posted by ariel View Post
Oriental suspension hooks had a flat part with a wide opening for the belt and with a plane perpendicular to the plane of the hook.
I see no possible way to attach the pierced part to the belt.
I just cannot come up with any usable function for this thingamajig except for being a fire striker. Perhaps my “ fantasy center” is atrophic:-(
And, BTW, NW India adopted open ( pierced) iron work from both Persia and South India.
The Indian origin of that gizmo cannot be excluded, IMHO.
Did you look at the picture of a rapier frog? It hooks into a belt fitting with an eye in it that accepts the hook and swivels to let the hook lie flat to the body. on mine, the eye is fixed and the hook swivels to lie flat.

Pierced iron work also occurs elsewhere, as in this European small sword/court sword belt clip. This one clips over a belt instead of using a sliding or in-line fitting, much like the clip patented by Gen. 'Jeb' Stuart for his sabre, and used by both the USA and CSA. Jeb's & the Smallwood one Hook reminds me of one I use on a Chinese Mia Dao sword...on the right
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