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Thanks again Jeff, and Mark!!!

Coomagirl, thank you for being such a good sport with all of this, and for giving us all a fun memory.

While the sword itself may not be of great value, it certainly has a kind of intrinsic appeal, and apparantly someone took some effort to allude to the history of the VOC (Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie, VOC) the Dutch India Co. As I mentioned, these particular swords appear to have been commercially produced and used in some regard associated with the Indonesian Navy. Obviously they were never intended to be combat weapons, but ceremonial regalia.

Whoever put the scribed markings on this sword apparantly used detail out of references to suggest historical connections, but not especially well done.
The sword itself is of mid to latter 19th century style, resembling many swords for naval officers, and clearly later than the 1798 end of the VOC.
As noted, these kinds of swords were produced well into the 20th century, into the 60s.

Whether to keep it or not? As always, up to the individual, but if anything, its a conversation piece here, and now part of one of the true legends of forum lore.

All the very best,
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