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Default Mystery Hanger

AS I mentioned in my post on the markings thread the Auckland Sword & Shield Society has been studying the swords stored at the local museum.
On the first visit after spending a couple of hours studying the 11 swords we had selected from the online catalogue we were shown the storage area and my eye was caught by a half basket hilt, so I photographed the ID tag to ask for on the next visit.
The museum discovered that they had no record of the sword and I had to provide a copy of the photo so they could get it out for us on the following visit!

The sword turned out to be a cutlass or hanger with the Solingen anchor stamped on both sides of the blade and a somewhat indeterminate mark on the left ricasso (possibly a miss-stamped Solingen anchor). The grip is cast brass, helical and quite distinctive but I am unable to find anything else like it. Any information would be appreciated.

Overall Length: 76cm Blade Length: 62.5cm Weight: 686.9g Balance Point: 7.5cm
Curvature: 15mm
Profile Taper: Shoulder Width: 31mm Point Width: 18mm
Distal Taper: Shoulder Width: 7mm Point Width: 1.7mm
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