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In the province of Canada in which I currently reside, the provincial government's Liquor Distribution Branch distributes alcohol and cannabis products, and sells them at Provincial government operated"liquor stores" and "cannabis stores". [I never thought I'd see the day when I could walk into a government dope shop, or when a mask or face covering would be required to enter a liquor store]. Privately run "cold beer and wine stores" (which also sell hard liquor, cider, fortified wine, etc.) and "dispensaries" (selling a mind boggling variety of cannabis products) also operate, but with higher prices.
The "sticker price" at provincial government operated liquor stores usually also displays the cost-per-millilitre (in a microscopic font size below the "item/ unit price", and this (cost-per-millilitre) is most often the main factor that decides which beer I'll buy. Other factors (in addition to price) guide my choice in wine, rum, tequila and whisky, which I drink much less frequently.
It's been my habit for the past couple of years or so to not miss a single day's drinking, and I'm usually inebriated to some degree whenever I'm at my computer. These days I no longer drink anything except alcohol while online, though in the past it was usually lapsang souchong with honey, or coffee with cardamom (coffee la al-Qaddafi).
If I lean over and reach out with my left hand (I'm right-handed, but in my current position, they're over my left shoulder) , most of my favourite keris are within reach. It's always been my custom (for various reasons) to not so much as brush my hand against a singep if I'm the least bit under the influence of alcohol (and I don't use cannabis at all). I'd no sooner handle a keris while I'm buzzed than I would show up tipsy at the funeral of one of my Grandparents or Godparents (they are all deceased). For myself, this just goes without saying, and it goes without anyone ever having said it.
Certain things are just not done, and if anyone needs to ask, "Why not"? I doubt that I'd be able to give an answer which they or I would be satisfied with.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Mickey the Finn
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