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Originally Posted by ganjawulung
Free Download the "Didactic Values of Nusantara Kris" from here
Dear Pak Ganja,
Thank you for giving us access to this superb electronic book. The kris collection includes magnificent and rarely seen pieces worth "the price of a brand-new Mercedes Benz car" as Alan uses to say . It seems to me that a number of pieces may be of recent manufacture (scabbards & hilts especially) but superbly executed.
I took the time to review the book in detail and attach my impressions herewith:
. The fact that the author decided not to use any kris kris term is surprising for a Western collector like myself and the pleasure in reading the book comes more from the very high quality of the pieces than the new information itself.
. In the Sumatra chapter, it seems to me that the flaring buntunt identified as a mallet may rather depict a moon crescent? The use of the toli-toli is not described as per the standard (securing the blade in front of the king). I would have liked to learn more about the mysterious "owl" and "puteri malu" style hilts from South Sumatra.
. In The East Java chapter I noticed that the "vegetation god" style hilts may be related to Durga?
. In the Central Java chapter I noticed that the planar hilts from Solo are named Tungak semi (re our recent discussion).
. In the Lesser Islands & Celebes chapter I wonder whether the magnificent gold hilt rather depicts Bayu than Bhima in spite of the presence of the pancanaka (long finger nail) as the figure is smiling and does not hold a mace.
Thank you again and best regards
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