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Nik, is the hilt of your keris Tridacna (giant clam shell)?
I can't say much more about your keris based solely upon the photos provided. Perhaps if you can supply more down the line. Occassionally we do see keris with 15 luk or more. I would say that more than 13 luk is unusual for keris fro ANY area and generally means the keris was made for someone outside of the norm. Artists, performers, etc. People with unusual skillsets.
As for this keris containing isi, i really don't know how that works reading such things simply by viewing it on a computer screen. For me, i would have to hold your keris first before saying i could feel any particular energies from it, or at least be in the same room. But i do not see why the presence of isi should necessarily give a person a "strange/uneasy feeling". I suppose it could, but why would it have to, especially if one is in sync with the particular isi of that blade?
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