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Default The Ultimate Karabela Guide PART 6

I was working on the newest part of this guide when I realized the ton of images I would like to show, would mean the risk of getting problems with copyright. This is the reason I removed all images. I would ask a Moderator to remove this part 6 because I have no rights to do so in this forum.

Original text:

"Hello again!
Im happy to have some time to add a little more to this guide. Having the idea to start a series of chapters, each of them including few examples of class II sabers of a particular origin, I start here with Ottoman specimen. Keep in mind that this will not fit into todays borders and different cultures had impacts on regions which were distant from their epicentre. F.e.: Ottoman rule over the Balkans or Ukraine beeing part of the PLC. You will also find some "karabela-ish" weapons here. Your thoughts about those "somehow karabela, but somehow not" swords are very welcome.
I do not own most of the images following and use them for educational purposes here. If you see something what is infringing your copyright, please get in contact with me or the admins so that we can remove it.
If youre reading this on your mobile phone and the image resolution is bad: Sorry!


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