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Thanks for the replies. I agree that the hilts on both of these are a long way from original. I'm not sure I would say modern or tourist (at least they have been together for some time), but 20th C I would guess.
The blades are probably a different matter. These are really heavy duty blades, and I would say high quality. It would be really interesting to figure out the origin of these. My current feeling is that these come from a heavy duty blade such as a dussage. I attached a couple of possible sources e.g. Sinclair Sabre. This type of blade came from Styria and surrounds, but was based on Turkish types. I don't know where these might have travelled afterwards, and am not aware of the possible Indian sources (although Europe to India is also possible I assume unlikely).
Regarding the Indian blade idea I would say though that if a ricasso was originally on the blade then it was removed with a great deal more expert skill than was used to make and fit the rest of the furniture. If this was the case it is even more a pity since there would be no way to return the blade to its original Indian state either.

Marius - no fears, in the end I paid nothing for them, having returned them to the auction house today. But it would still be interesting to nail where the blades came from if possible.
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