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Default "Eastern Sword" Szabla for comments

Hi folks
I just today picked this one up from a local auction and would be glad to hear what you think to it. The lot was entitled Eastern Swords and contained two swords, the second of which I will post later in a separate thread. There was also another lot which I sadly did not win containing an almost relic version of this sword and a Khevsur sabre which looked very nice (can we hope someone else on here picked them up?)

The blade is seriously clean, and for sure (at best) this has been taken out of the hilt cleaned and remounted with cutlers resin. There are now a few small rust marks forming on the blade. Towards the end of the blade there are still some depressions left from rust marks that were not completely polished out otherwise I would be sure the blade was new!

There are no stamps, marks or other identifying features to the blade, but the form is really special - I tried to show the thickening before the kilij starts.

Anyhow comments as to authenticity and other information about these swords would be very welcome.
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