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Originally Posted by Kubur View Post
So no one has an idea about the origin and date of this sword?

Since this is apparently an officers sword (clearly 1780s-90s) but while following the conventions and styles of the time, and does not fall into a specific category in pattern book...........we have to evaluate other comparable sword types and their elements.

Since the heart, on what appears to be a horn grip, is most unusual as a decoration, we try to see where, or who, might have used that symbol in this manner.

When I noted that other 'spadroon' type swords of this period sometimes had openwork guards, I mentioned the 'heart' on one of those. Since it was c. 1790s and English as well, that would suggest probable English origin for this sword in assumption.

When the Scottish possibility was mentioned, that clearly while British, is an entirely separate sphere in the symbols as decorations in many, if not most, cases.
Here I noted that the heart, was a Jacobite symbol (1715, 1745 uprisings et al) and that that particular association surely still existed.

So aside from well established and uncompromised provenance (proof), or an exact match in some reference or record, not being available......all I can do is try to surmise, based on evidence available as cited,

so, no, I have no idea of origin and date.
This is a dilemma often occurring on weapons which are not specifically engraved with dates, names, places and which have fallen out of context after sometimes hundreds of years

Sorry the evidence shown is not of more use. Of course perhaps, as noted, Fernando will have more insight.
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