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This appears to be a really sturdy, attractive example of an officers 'spadroon', probably British and these were popular from about 1780s into 19th c. While the blade seems pretty rusty, and cant see the whole thing, it seems probably straight, which is characteristic on these spadroons.

I like the heart on the grip. These were not of course 'small swords', but military versions of them for officers wear at special events and official proceedings. This one seems likely to be a 'fighting' example.
Small swords are pretty esoteric and as such have typically not been a highly populated field of collecting, but it seems have been catching on in recent years.

While I would deem this British, it could very well be Continental as well as these fashions were often shared broadly, in fact the British 'five ball' hilt form was actually adopted in France as the 'English' form saber.
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