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Default Kurdish jambiya : disappointment, but learning opportunity

Hi everyone,

So today I received this kurdish jambiya. I found it on a second hand website for less than 20 euros, and bought it despite the bad pictures because I assumed that they weren't faked or reproduced much.

However I was disappointed when I received the package, as it feels really cheap. The hilt is made of light wood painted black, the sheath is crudely made, and the blade is very harshly polished. I can't really describe all the issues, but it does feel like a cheap knock-off.

Needless to say that it won't stay with me for long (not a big loss though), but I'm now curious of what's going on here. Is it a fake made to fool careless collector, a copy made for tourists, or even maybe a very crude modern made item intended to be carried by the locals ? I have no idea but would love your opinion on the subject !
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