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Originally Posted by ariel View Post
Interesting. "Jeb" Stuart's hanging hook differs a bit from the oriental examples. Something like that was in use from Zaporozhian Cossacks to India.
Much better mechanics.

The Jeb Stuart one can be fitted with an optional hook like your cossack one. Many US & UK sword belts come with a hook either on a belt slider like the cossack one (I've seen similar from china, in bronze or even jade.) My Jeb is illustrated below. It allows the straps to hang in the correct plane.

It's for hooking the sabre's upper scabbard ring when you are on foot, or unhooking to let the scabbard hang on it's leather straps when on horse. It is NOT for hanging the straps. My US style Naval sword belt has a built-in hook where the sword scabbard ring also has the short leather strap attached to the top scabbard ring via a snap swivel hook, and a loop at the other end to slip over the belt itself, and the longer strap attaches to the lower scabbard ring via a swivel snap hook. See below, under the Jeb one. The USCG stopped riding horses after WW2, but kept the sword belt arrangement justincase.

An interestin video on how to wear your scabbard, with the sword in it of course:
It shows a variety of fitting-less as well as straps with fittings thru the ages.

Anyway, a moot point if it is indeed an Indonesian harness fitting
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