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Originally Posted by Interested Party View Post
Wow, nice!

Were both of these forms used at the same time, or did the form change between the early 20th century and the late 20th century? It almost looks like a change from a slicing tool to a chopping tool. If I remember correctly, you test many of your blades. What is their performance like? Can you feel a big difference between the shapes?
With regard to forms, there's still debate as to whether pre1900 and post1900 forms overlapped. Based on what I've researched and wielded so far- there seems to be major shift during the pre- and post - 1900 pira (with turn-of-century roughly the time when the "old" forms disappeared). Post1900s there was definitely an overlap of pira- several types existed at one time (but not the pre1900).

With regard to feel, there's variance in individual samples, just a commonality in terms of striking dynamics (the pre1900 is very picky with how it should be wielded; the post1900 is much more liberal). Your comment about the change from a slicing to a chopping tool is interesting- this may have to do more with the forms (there are about 4-5 variants of post1900s pira; I only have 3 in there). But generally I feel more comfortable trying to cleave with the post1900s than with the pre1900s, so your assertion has validity.

There are also different ways of striking with pira- so that's another consideration. Overall the post1900s- especially the 70s- are my favorite, and can be adjusted on the fly.
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