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Default Lumad blade

Here's an old Lumad blade called "purok bolo" in modern times. I've no idea of the age, but it's gotta be older than 1970s (date of acquisition by previous owner). It's a bit different from the usual purok bolo because of three things. First, it's more aggressive than most purok bolo I've held; the usual ones seem fit for light utility work only. This one seems to have combat potential. Second, it's hefty, the spine is thicker, and there are X marks on it (not assuming that they're kills, simply that they're marked). Third, there's an almost obsessive attempt at securing the blade to the hilt- there are nails driven where the blade meets the hilt, and the pommel is pinned.

All the Lumad tribes have a version of the purok bolo; I'm not yet sure which tribe this iteration belongs to.
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