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Mariusgmioc ,thanks, I am still researching kindjals on this forum, and I can see that you have shared a lot and know a lot. I never said mine is higher quality because of the silver, I guess as far as kindjals go mine does lack embellishment, but in comparison to other apparently Caucasus/ Georgian 19c examples I think its a fair example, despite the cleaning its in good functioning condition.
I agree in general with what you said. but while a bad cleaning or rust may effect appeal, value, and perhaps integrity, it can be remedied to an extent, and for my collecting purposes, it doesn't stop the antique from being old which is the biggest quality appeal to me. I also understand why in general fullers are adding value, but maybe for a short sword the fullers weren't necessary or common at the time or with the maker. I dont know yet.., I still would like to know what these marks on the kindjal are called? and if there was a reason the mark would sometimes appear in double. other than decoration.
I could venture to polish the blade, and then learn to etch it, would a Damascus pattern likely be underneath? or maybe a 1% chance wootz?
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