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Based exclusively on the pics I think you worry too much: low grade silver is common on Turkish and Balkan yataghans. The velvet is likely to be new or a later replacement. Wooden cheeks are most likely replacements during the active life of this yataghan. Originally, I guess, they were either horn or walrus ivory, but these materials are very fragile and it is not unusual to see cracks in the middle, broken off ears etc. The wood looks worn, with kisses of time and heavily patinated.
I think this might be an old fighter. Gosh, I know quite a lot of 40-60 year old women with more pearly white full teeth implants, tightened skin and silicone-injected lips!
I might be wrong, but for changing my opinion I would have to hold it in my hands.
Look at the wooden inserts of the scabbard: they may tell you more.
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