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Hi everyone !

Thanks for your kind words ! It's always difficult for me to write down the results of my research since English isn't my first language, but it is definitely worth it when I read such interesting answers afterward !

Kubur, thanks a lot for the link, I've skimmed over it quickly (will need to read it more thoroughly) and I think it will be extremely interesting for me as I'm currently researching a very unusual kaskara, and what I'm seeing tends to confirm my suspicions ...

Richard, according to Allan Slatec, those are bow support from the Somali ethnic group (no idea how it was used though ...), see picture attached.

Leif and TVV, regarding the relation between Afar and Issa, I think that people coming from urban centers might be a little less concerned by the ongoing conflict than people living in more rural areas as you pointed out. Though considering the level of violence reached by this conflict, I don't think this happens a lot, or that there is much cultural exchanges between the two groups at the moment. However, I have no doubt it happened in the past, as you rightfully pointed out, since low intensity conflict between nomadic, pastoral, populations was expected in the order of things. Those violent episodes were most likely intersected by periods of peace, exchange, and trade.
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