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Default greek cretan knife for info

Hello dear members,

a good friend of mine got this cool small knife for a low price,
it was sold as a letter opener : small size: 26cm /10,25 inches long

for me it's more a small cretan knife than just a souvenir letter opener
( blade is not that bad, and seems old )

Maybe it's just written ''greetings from Greece '', ''Creta '' on the blade ?
( can anybody translate please )

if it's just a souvenir , the silver chased scabbard is really well made,
I don't think it costs two pence.

There is no date or stamp on the scabbard ,
the coins are old, pre 1900,
but we can insert old coins on recent stuff...
so it's difficult to age it and we find every kind of age and quality with this kind of items ...

What do you think ?

Kind regards
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