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Originally Posted by Edster
Mainly because Sudanese sufi traditions came from Arabian sufi masters rather than Persian. Also, my reading of Sudanese history doesn't support Persian influence unless the Persians critically influenced the Ottomans of Egypt.
Mmmm I don't know very much about these swords. But I have many books about Sufism.

You should be very careful, and read more about sufism before making any shortcuts or statment like that. Sufism is very much connected to the shiaa world. Please read about Alevi, Sufi Ottoman lodges and Bektashi... Then Egyptian Ottomans were colonisers in Sudan. Sudanese got Sufism from Mamluk Egypt and by the red Sea from Sufi lodges from India, and even Iran.

"Arabian masters" is almost a nonsense, as Arabian peninsular people very were and are very much against Sufism, please look at Wahhabism.
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