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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Thank you Gentlemen for your information and input. I really appreciate your comments regarding this sword, and particularly to Jim for the History surrounding it.
With regards to the scabbard, is it lizard or snake?
Regards Stu

Im really glad I could help Stu, it a fascinating example!
The hide if I am not mistaken is the 'monitor lizard' or Waran (genus Varanus, Ar, =varan, lizard)., which is apparently quite totemic along with the crocodile in the Sudan.

The material I am referring to on thuluth is mostly from research as I had the opportunity to work with Professor Allan Roberts, of the University of California who edited the book, "Striking Iron: The Art of African Blacksmiths" , UCLA, 2018.
His paper was titled "For Whose Eyes Were They: Calligraphic Blades of Mahdist Sudan", and describes the deep religious imbuement in the inscriptions on these blades, and how important they were in the native beliefs and use.
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