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Jim, while skull and crossbones is indeed a known Masonic symbol most masonic swords don't seem to incorporate that symbolism. That is not to say none, and i have indeed seen many that do, however the in those cases usually shows up as the pommel as in the example i have posted here. I can't say i have ever seen the skull as a hand guard as in this case. Are there any other supporting Masonic symbols to be found on this sword? I'd have to see other angles of this sword, but the images you show make this skull hand guard seem like an afterthought, not something originally made for the sword. It really gives me more the impression of a pirate thing rather than a Masonic thing, but again, it's not impossible that this was made to be a Masonic sword. Other collaborating symbols on the sword would go a long way to place it definitely as Masonic.
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