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Default Khyber knife?

Thank you for your comments. I have heard that holes were drilled by the English to mount blades on their walls. So the Russians did this as well, or maybe the English didn't drill the holes, just the Russians? Thank you. The bolt in the picture holds my machine vice to a lump of timber, which gives stability and ease of manipulating various jobs in a more secure manner than the old reliable Mark 1, five finger vice. The blade isn't really flat, but kinda oval, it is sharp along one edge, with a consistent bevel of 0.250" and has a semi [ butter knife? ] sharp back edge , about 5" long, before it tapers out to a 0.100" thickness at the hilt, and the blade also distally tapers, it is 0.150" at the hilt, and is 0.125 just back from the point. The tang is full profile, with slabs of wood held by 3 pins, and the handle does taper towards the butt. At the the butt, it is 1.325" and where the metal starts, the wood is 1.125". I think that this answers the questions in your comments. About my name, I was told that sgian dubh is celt for black knife/sword, and that black could be interpreted as covert. I use skien as it is phonically correct, as well, and sgiandubh is/has been used by other people as their nom de plume. So once again, a big thank you to all.
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