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As I said before, I'm kind of on this African weapon streak. Here are 4 more clubs of which I believe that one is definitely Zulu; a nice example which I believe some idiot drilled a hole in the back to hang on a wall. I am thinking about getting a piece of hardwood dowel to fill the hole.
The other club with a face, I think it could be an African Go-go club. I went to the African weapon website and they had a similar example, however, theirs had an angry scowl, and mine has a frown. In my opinion, it has the balance and feel of a throwing club, but I couldn't find an example of Go-Go throwing clubs and I don't even want to tell you what I found when I first searched the web for "African Go-Go Clubs."
The other 2, I think that they are African, but I'm not sure.
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