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Default Tboli sudeng

Correct, it’s definitely Moro.

However as noted, these are often prized and owned by Tboli datus. This piece is specifically owned by the family of a late Tboli datu. The Tboli call this type of weapon a sudeng. I do apologize if my original post was a bit confusing. If removed from its provenance, there would be no Tboli connection. For those interested in the interactions between the Lumad of Mindanao and the neighboring Moro groups, I thought it would be useful to note that these swords are often kept as heirloom pieces by the Tboli and considered there own.

My hope is that I can learn from the Moro-expert members here about what can be deciphered from the photos. Any thoughts on age? The different elements of the sword, hilt, scabbard, etc.

Thank you.

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