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Default kindly requested to advise on the origin of this Ottoman dagger

first of all to our friends who indulge in sugar now:

happy Eid el Fitr / Bayram mubarak Olsun

hope you and ofcouse other Forum members can help me as I am puzzled.

This dagger bought at an auction was described as :

Turkey - 19th century - dagger,
With wootz blade silver kofgary
Horn hilt , silver Leather scabbard

to me it could be 20th century as well but it certainly is Ottoman.
My question is ... from where..?
Some characteristics indicate perhaps Surmene ( the 2 small fullers at the blade) but the horn blade and more important the star/sun sign I have seen on Bosnian daggers, specially from Foca...

Any idea? Your opinion about the dagger in general is most highly appreciated ! thnx a lot
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