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Originally Posted by Kubur View Post
Mmmm I don't know very much about these swords. But I have many books about Sufism.

You should be very careful, and read more about sufism before making any shortcuts or statment like that. Sufism is very much connected to the shiaa world. Please read about Alevi, Sufi Ottoman lodges and Bektashi... Then Egyptian Ottomans were colonisers in Sudan. Sudanese got Sufism from Mamluk Egypt and by the red Sea from Sufi lodges from India, and even Iran.

"Arabian masters" is almost a nonsense, as Arabian peninsular people very were and are very much against Sufism, please look at Wahhabism.
indeed, I agree, as also centuries prior to the Madhi you had in the 13th century the Persian founders of the Mevlani ;Jalal ad-Din Rumi and Haci Bektas Veli of the Bektashi order, next to the 11th century Hakim Ghiyath-al-Din Abu'l-Fath Omar ibn Ibrahim Khayyam Nisaburi AKA Omar Kayam ( known from his Rubiyat) and Ibn Arabi who both influenced the complete Islamic world.
Even the followers of the Old Man on the Mountain of the Nizari who were the most closest to cold weapons used whatever was available..

Next to the fact that I am sceptical when I hear about sufi weapons... as if one would talk about catholic, protestant or greek orthodox weapons...?

Even in the regions were sufis live, they live amongst many other religions ( check Egypt, Lebanon. Irak and Syria in the Mahdi era... ) Even the Sudan harboured many I am quite doubtfull, no offfence intended.

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