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Originally Posted by drakharios
Hi all,

Would anyone have information on the origins and usage of the Indian sword called mel puttah bemoh? I'm asking because I'm making a mod of a game and including that weapon in it. Specifically:
  • Which Indian cultures or regions used it?
  • What branch of the military used it?
  • How was it used?

This illustration from the Nihang-nama shows two combatants using mel puttah bemoh in what seems to be half-swording technique. This got me wondering if this sword was based on Portuguese montantes, specially since it seems mel puttah bemoh did not appear until before the 16th or 17th century. Anyone have info on this?

What a game if not a secret?

1. Deccan sultanates and Marathi as part of the army of these sultanates.
2. Specially trained troops fought with this sword. Not individually.
3. Indian martial arts are very practical. Think of Durga and strike with all your might.

I don't know anything about Portuguese background. This sword has quite an Indian look. But here I could be wrong.

Be so kind, don't use this term - "mel puttah bemoh" - it's delirium. The sword has a well-defined name. When I will start to play your mod, you will already know it. I hope by the end of the year.
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