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Default A Dha of unkown origin

I have this Dha in my collection, The man whom I bought it from did not know anything about its origin. To my unprofessional eye it does not look touristy, although it cannot be too old, as some of the fittings look modern, e.g. there is some red plastic decorating the handle, a coin(?) on the butt of the handle and some tin (?) piece on the top of the scabbard. Either way, I came to hear the opinions of the experts here regarding this item.

The overall length is approximately 56 centimeters. The blade looks laminated to me, and there is some stamp on the blade, but it is not clear whether originally there was some text or logo, or just this plain annular shape.
The handle is wrapped in rattan, and there is what seems to be a coin on the butt of the handle.

Can you help me identify it's origin and period?
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