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Thank you, Alan.

I looked with a bit more detail to the other kerises in the listing. There are no photos taken at an angle where I could determine the shape of the sirah cecak. Although with the amount of listings that has this ganja in its description, I have a feeling that the term does not refer to the sirah cecak or the top of the gonjo being slightly curved. Though I'll have to pay closer attention to be sure.

However there are other other blades where the ganja is not described as mbatok mengkureb. One has a ganja iras, and the other has been described as having ganja nungkak. I think this refers to the fact that the ganja has a distinct and accentuated upward slant between the greneng and ron dha nunut, as opposed to a more-or-less straight line. I don't know Javanese but if there's any relation between "nungkak" and the Sundanese "nanjak", which means a climb or an incline, then the word might support my observation.

Based on this and by deduction, it might be that "mbatok mengkureb" in this case just means a ganja that is of a "standard" kind, meaning a ganja that is a separate piece and is more-or-less joined to the base of the blade in a straight line, without reference to the sirah cecak, buntut or greneng.
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