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On blades which you would think everything that could be written has been written there is scarce proof absolute of the origin of manufacture... Suffice to say however is that the point of manufacture was probably split between Sanaa in Yemen and India and Persia.

There is support in some quarters that German blades entered the equation and I cannot say why not although no blades I have seen confirm nor deny this possibility and none I have ever seen are struck with makers marks as such.

It is a fact that Omani Khanjar blades have no marks stamped or chiseled into them. Some as seen on these pages have variation in the central raised rib in that some have flanking grooves placed either side of the main rib seen at #354 while some have three distinct ribs like this one below called The One with three (grooves?)... a parallel description of an Omani sword with three of these..

And so for now we go with the idea of Persia, India, Yemen and Germany as the origin of provision of Omani Khanjar blades although I have heard rumours that some were locally made and some were made from meteorites...and others from Johor or wootz material (this is true in part because Russian blades in wootz are today available)...Personally however, I think myths may have crept into the mix but record this post as "interesting" for later study and confirmation.
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