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I wanted to revisit this peculiar weapon which resembles its Yemeni cousin at #337 yet is distinct in two quite different regions in Oman ...The Dhofar region around Salalah in Southern Oman and the Sharqiyyah in the East of Oman...#350. all the above may usually be seen on a simple leather belt although I have seen Omani items on a silvered belt. The Yemeni variant is also often inscribed with script on either the front or back. I have also see a second belt on the Omani weapon with bullet slots often for Martini Henry Ammo.
In the weapons illustrated you can notice the central spine of the blade flanked by two other fullers not normally seen on other blades. It is assumed these are imported as are 99% of Omani Khanjar blades either from Solingen Germany or perhaps India or Yemen.
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