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The above khanjar scabbard appears to be ready to accept The Al Saidi Dagger even though it is a 4 ringer... Remember that Royal Al Saidi Khanjars are designated by the hilt although it is often assumed there is influence in the scabbard as well...but technically the scabbard is nothing to do with it...Only the Hilt. Thus scabards are 4or 7 rings and there are some khanjars with more and even some with two) The simple fact is that before this style was invented by one of the rulers wives in about 1830 the Muscat khanjar had 7 rings and that the scabbard was adorned as it is today and unchanged... the only redone item or component was the hilt said to incorporate Indian design elements the new fresh look said to have been done to brighten the day of the ruler. you may all remember that something similar happened in the sayf yemaani when it was iconized ..with a similar hilt.

It stands to reason therefor that the apparently fancy scabbard does not designate al saidi khanjar born out by simply looking at 347 which has that scabbard but not the hilt.. so it is probably a Muscat weapon...

Please see for an exacting description of coloured yarn useage in these scabbards .and other materials.

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