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Salaams Battara, In order of priority it is something like Rhino, Ivory, Giraffe, scented wood, olive then plastic....then it deteriorates dramatically to bog standard wood ..there may be the odd horn I haven't seen but the top three have dominated hilts for probably centuries. The confusion now lifted between rhino and giraffe and the name puzzle described earlier has also thrown collectors for ages. The point about these hilts is that Giraffe horn takes all the pins a rhino hilt would take but is duller under light than Rhino...
My earlier note outlines the breakthrough in the use of treated horsehair (tail hair) which is just as good as Rhino and Giraffe but a fraction of the price could set a precedent..although some would say it makes no difference. I would like to see it tried and an example launched for all to see.
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