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A Word on Blades. (#257 also Refers.)

The excellent work at mentions Omani Khanjar Blades as being historically imported from Solingen and as essentially basic blades. Indeed I have seldom seen (until recently) examples of anything other than standard basic quality except on the odd occasion of a Wootz derivative turning up. I know of one Russian importer who specializes in such blades. I have also heard of mysterious blades made from falling meteorites etc etc. The process local people go through is also quite amazing with taste smell and musical note when struck with a flicked finger nail and whether or not a blade and khanjar can be lifted by the very point of the blade between finger and thumb...
Therefor since these are passed down structures I suggest that these methods are mythical (although interesting) . I have never actually seen a failed blade...After all their main purpose is fairly simple thus a basic blade is actually fine.

Blades below from Khanjar Shops. One illustrates blades with some degree of treatment either to the surface or Wootz while the other are the more common form; simple and basic.
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