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I would like to add the following as a cautionary note to the above post please.

CAUTIONARY NOTE. I add this note in retrospect. I continue to persue the question who and from where are the elusive so called Habaabi ? In fact the place Habaabi is in the YEMEN near and to the south of the region we have identified as a base for the Saudia dagger similar to the Omani Royal Khanjar. (The Jazan region now part of Saudia but originally Yemen pre about 100 years ago) Depending upon wind direction and magnetic variation the answers are, quite frankly, wild. In fact the replies are so inconclusive that I err on the cautious side and place brackets around the second part of my theory and until it becomes clear if this is a group of people , a rumour or a complete load of red herrings...

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

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