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Salaams all ~ Note to Forum library. The only other dagger attributed to a Yemeni style occurs on the border in Southern Oman in the Salalah region (Dhofar). It is worn almost horizontally on a leather belt frontally or just slightly to one side. The silver work is slightly more crisp looking if it has been refurbished by Omani craftsmen.

In fact no other dagger style exists in Oman other than The Omani Khanjar and this Dhofari dagger plus a few assorted work knives; Khanjar blades may be locally made or imported though work knives usually have blades from Europe or the far East ( Sheffield or Solingen or Japan). Unlike Persian or indian weapons Omani khanjars hardly, if ever, have wootz blades (I have never seen one). Preferred are steel laminates.
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