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Hello All, thanks for your comments.

Out of curiosity I have removed the slotted screw, the slot head was full of old crud, the screw was tight and rusted in but it has come out, it is a 1/2" screw and not sufficient to hold the head in place the langets are doing that job with the rivets.

Once the screw was removed I gave the head a good tug and twist there was no movement at all, the shaft is nicely chamfered to fit snuggly.

Am I right in thinking that the consensus is heading towards European (Stamps and Fullers) and possibly military/ ceremonial but not of the usual type encountered,

The blade is 18" - 46cm long with three 8"-20cm fullers, the blade nearest the shaft is 1 11/16" - wide by1/4" - 8mm, middle 1 1/2" - 38mm by 1/8" - 4mm widest near tip 1 13/16" - 46mm by 1/16" - 2mm the edge is sharpened from the tip to half way on the blade, it is built to cut not for show. Cheers Bob
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