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Default Yemeni Jambiya decorated with filigree for sale

I offer this nice Yemeni Jambiya for sale. The handle is made of carved horn (possibly buffalo). The scabbard is covered with leather at the backside and with nickel silver (?) mountings at the frontside. The metal parts are rich decorated with filigree. It has a typical blade for this pieces. Included is a belt with a pretty embroidery.

price: 120 excluding shipping costs

condition: belt with traces of wear, blade with some some rust spots, else good.

dagger: total 34.5cm; without scabbard 31.5cm; blade 20.5cm
belt: total 109cm; max. adjustment 85cm

Shipping costs:
Germany: 7
EU: 16
GB and Switzerland: 30
United Sates: 40 (warning: long shipping time up to 60 days actually possible)

Payment possible with Paypal and money transfer.

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