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Their 'experts' knowledge tends to be a bit limited, so they guess and make things up to, in their minds, enhance the sale and/or encourage the bidders... I've also seen a lot of 'Short Cavalry Swords' (brass hilted briquets) recently. Seems 'Cavalry' sells better.

I have a high status presentation Burmese dha that I 'won' on eBay for less than the postage from a lady here in the UK (so the postage was really low). I wrote to her later apologizing for not having paid enough, I was so embarrassed. She'd listed it as an Egyptian Machete. She wrote back saying she hadn't had a clue, so she asked her 'expert' son, who came up with the Egyptian thing. She also commented she was going to kill him!

(I was not embarrassed enough to pay her any more tho - Not Caveat Emptor but Cave Vendor! )

I also have a touareg dagger that was sold to me as a 'Collectable Indian sword' But I knew it wasn't ). link: Indian?

Originally hosted on Photobucket, they started charging and obscured the photos, tho if you right click and pick 'view image' from the popup menu, you can see them OK.
At least you can in firefox.

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